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Aranya Eco Farm

Aranya Eco Farm

Love for Nature and fondness to own a land in the Gir National Park region, the last home to the Asiatic Lions brought us here! The Land was a forest farm land completely idle for 18 years with a landscape that was tough to plough and develop. It was the passion of Dinesh K. Gandecha aged 60+, the co-owner of the farm who went against all odds and developed this pristine barren farm land into a picturesque Organic Mango Orchard & Farm Stay built on the philosophy of coexisting with nature! From Day one it was his strong determination to go Organic and add as much as possible to the biodiversity of the existing land! The first Mango sapling was sown by Shri Hasmukhbhai Adhia, IAS & the then – Government of Gujarat, Principal Secretary (Education) on 20th June 2013. With no access to Power and hardly any infrastructure to survive Mr.Dinesh K. Gandecha the co-owner spent days concentrating and teaming with labourers and workers. Finally he developed an antique styled Villa open for Tourists in the year 2014. This region of Sasan Gir – Talala also happens to possess a geo political Tag by the government of India for the Famous Kesar Mango. We discovered that the land has Limestone allover the farm and this is what gives the required nutrition and richness to a Kesar Mango. About the same time 450 Mango saplings were planted with an aim to make it a combination of Agri Tourism with a philosophy of co-existing with Nature. Since 2014 we have been offering Organic Farm Stay. We have had tourists from Indian and overseas and it has a been a sheer joy serving each and everyone of them. We have in all 6 Rooms to offer where a Villa with 3 Rooms is an antique styled arrangement, 2 Luxury Tents & a Tree Room to accommodate. We are proud to be a solar Powered Farm Stay Registered with Gujarat Tourism.

We are proud to announce that we have successfully completed 4 Years in Organic Farming and we are a 100% Certified Organic Farm Certified by Gujarat Organic Products Certification Agency. We are a Home Stay Registered with Gujarat Tourism.

So join us and let’s celebrate, become one with nature and find the place we belong. Spend some time in the lap of nature in the last home of the Asiatic Lions, where time stands still, where nature unfolds the miracles of day and night, spring and summer, rain and heat, a seed turning to a sapling, scent of a beautiful flower and a peacock feather painted in most glorious colors and shades, a site to rejuvenate your senses.

Where sustainable coexistence with nature is a founding philosophy & a way of life…!!

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